Jane Pittenger  

Low Tide Morning Fog  by Jane Pittenger

September 2021 - Low Tide Morning Fog

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I was trying to capture the magic of a foggy sunrise on the beach. The only camera I had was my phone but I like how it came out. Usually I don't like the subject to be so centered but it seemed to work with the water fingers,

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Damon Williams   Damon Williams
I have no problem with where you have the subject Jane. I mean, it's kind of amorphous (that's the word that comes to mind anyway), so there's no unintentional attempt at symmetry. This is an attractive image really. The mist seems to increase at the edges, creating a vignette-like effect, which is cool. You have texture in the sky. The colors are mono and warm. My only complaint, and this is just me, and this is very minor, is that the quicksilver-like pool runs off the frame to the left. I wish it were contained. Having said that, it's a nice one, and even with a phone, a good capture.   Posted: 09/06/2021 16:46:56


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