Bruce Benson  

Sounders vs Real Salt Lake by Bruce Benson

May 2023 - Sounders vs Real Salt Lake

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Title: Sounders vs Real Salt Lake

About the image: Taken in Seattle during Seattle Sounders vs Real Salt Lake

F 2.8/1/1000/ISO 1600
Canon R3/Canon 400 2.8

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Dr Isaac Vaisman   Dr Isaac Vaisman
Bruce, your private collection of Soccer images is bottomless. I like how the falling man in yellow is framed by the three opponents. The bokeh created by the 400 mm f/2.8 is priceless. The ball is in the air. What else could you have hoped for in this image ??   Posted: 05/04/2023 15:57:17
Don James   Don James
Agree with you, Dr. Vaisman :). Great photo!   Posted: 05/04/2023 20:07:33
Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Thanks Don, Looking forward to seeing more of your images. Bruce   Posted: 05/25/2023 00:15:03
Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Thanks Isaac, I appreciate your kind words. Bruce   Posted: 05/25/2023 00:14:15

Ronald Davis   Ronald Davis
Hi Bruce. Isaacs comments are mine exactly. You make me want to go out and buy the Canon R3. IQ is fabulous, creases on players shirts is striking I am sure photos from your setup are magazine standard. The photo is also high on struggle action.   Posted: 05/05/2023 02:11:54
Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Thanks Ronald, I have a love hate relationship with the R-3, On the one hand the image quality is remarkable, on the other hand, the manual is over 1000 pages and it seems difficult to know where to make the adjustments I am used to with the 1DX and other single reflex cameras. It is frustrating to have a great opportunity and not be able to quickly find where to make the needed adjustments. Bruce   Posted: 05/25/2023 00:18:21

Hans-Werner Griepentrog   Hans-Werner Griepentrog
Hi Bruce, I am always impressed with the quality of your Soccer photos. A good action scene shows the player on the ground in the yellow jersey framed by three players in green. The calm and blurred background enhances the image effect for the viewer.   Posted: 05/09/2023 05:15:20
Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Thanks Hans, I appreciate your comments. Bruce   Posted: 05/25/2023 00:18:51

Kerry McFarlane
As the others have said, another sensational image Bruce. So sharp, huge action, great color and you have put the viewer right in the middle of the action   Posted: 05/18/2023 03:22:33
Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Thanks Kerry, I appreciate your comments. Bruce   Posted: 05/25/2023 00:19:40

Gerald Emmerich Jr   Gerald Emmerich Jr
Wow, another great image. The symmetry of the three green guys around the yellow guy, the facial expressions, the diffused background, and the colors are all great.
I might try to darken the right arm behind the head of the green guy on the left. There's not much you can do about the second yellow guy in the background. But the rest of the image has so much impact that you have to look at the image for a while to even notice.   Posted: 05/24/2023 23:05:52
Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Thanks Gerry, I appreciate your suggestions. Bruce   Posted: 05/25/2023 00:13:19