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The Sprinters by Ronald Davis

January 2022 - The Sprinters

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“The Sprinters”

After Hans photo of the ice skater, I went back to the last time I tried for an intentional motion blur and came up with “The Sprinters”. Taken January 2018 at the Rye Gift, a race over 120 metres. This is the ladies division one of the heats. I had to consider a number of factors pre photographing.
• My position would be about 40 metres from the start and pan as the runners crossed my path, not easy as they start at different distances from each other, red shirt is the back marker, white shirt 2nd back marker. From the handicappers view, they want ideally all athletes to finish equal at the final tape.
• I managed only to get 2 runners next to each other at 40 metres from the start distance.

I was not overjoyed with the result, as something is lacking. It's probably the position of the girl red shirt head and arms down. The girl in white was close to how I wanted, but I would have liked her face in focus.

Camera Canon 550D, lens Canon EF 100-300mm TV
60/1, F11 ISO 100.
Processed with Lightroom auto. A photo like this requires very little processing.

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Hans-Werner Griepentrog   Hans-Werner Griepentrog
Hi Ron, first of all I wish you a happy new year. Congratulations on your photo the sprinters, I love such dynamic photos with intentional motion blur. I think you did a good job with the photo. There is enough sharpness, the inscription Nike pro on the pants of the runner in the foreground is well readable, the only negative, as you have already described it, is the head posture looking down. Personally, I would still submit this photo to exhibitions, even though it may not please every judge.   Posted: 01/01/2022 04:36:47

Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
Ronald, great capture at the pick of action. I have tried motion blur/panning on many occasions and events/venues with very frustrating results. These are not studio poses...
Agree with you about your comments. There is nothing else we can do to this image to make it better. I like it.   Posted: 01/03/2022 08:13:39

Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Ronald, you have accomplished something I have never been able to do to get the subject sharp with the background blurred. A striking sports image. Well done. Bruce   Posted: 01/07/2022 20:49:11


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