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Remembering Christchurch by Ronald Davis

September 2021 - Remembering Christchurch

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Title: Remembering Christchurch

This photograph was taken unexpectedly at a suburban rugby match in memory of the worshipers that were gunned down in Christchurch New Zealand. I did not expect this to occur but had to change camera settings quickly Canon 70D, 1/20, F 20, ISO 200, lens Canon EF 70-200mm L lens at 70 mm to capture. This type of photo is fortunately not able to be taken often, only one I have.

Suitable for competition in PJ, perhaps not spectactular enough and too mournful ? PS many of these players have New Zealand origins.

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Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Ronald, There are to many opportunities for taking images like this. Yesterday being 9-11 there were many memorials here in the USA and many television programs with personal experiences of people who were there. It was pretty had to see scenes of people jumping from the 90th floor and above to their deaths to avoid being burned to death. I think your image would need your explination for anyone to understand what it was about. My dad served two years as a missionary in New Zealand around 1920 and even spoke Maori. Bruce   Posted: 09/12/2021 20:27:53


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