Isaac Vaisman M.D., FACRO  

Music Man by Isaac Vaisman M.D., FACRO

June 2021 - Music Man

About the Image(s)

This image was created in the Casco Viejo (old City) in Panama City a fewe years ago. Walking around I saw this man with a four strings instrument which in Spanish is called "Cuatro". He was playing with the strings and singing a song in very low volume to himself, or perhaps just rehearsing. He did not care about my presence. I lowered myself to have my camera at his face level.
I used a Nikon D4 with the Nikkor Zoom lens 28-300 mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 48 mm and with these settings: ISO 500, f/8 and 1/320. The image was PP in LightRoom and corrected for exposure and cropped as is. A small neutral grey stroke was added.

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Hassan Sadek   Hassan Sadek
Strong composition and beautiful street photo. I felt the harmony in it with the presence of the blue window while the old man is playing with the guitar. The hat he wears added a deeper meaning to the photo and made it more interesting.   Posted: 06/08/2021 04:59:08

Les Lincke   Les Lincke
Isaac, I like the story this photo is telling and the focus and exposure are very good. Somehow it just doesn't come together for me, I think because the subject has the metal strips directly behind his head and the blue window is overwhelming and draws my eye immediately toward it.   Posted: 06/13/2021 14:39:35

Dan Waters   Dan Waters
I find street musicians attractive as they have many stories to tell. Perhaps this man is homeless and "busking" his way to his next meal. The window is strong and an unfortunate distraction.   Posted: 06/15/2021 07:23:06

Gloria Sprung   Gloria Sprung
Isaac.. Nice "L" shaped framing formed with the window and bench. Composition is further accentuated with the man place in his own uncluttered space and on the thirds. Camera position at eye level with his face, leads the viewer to the subject. I like all the details of the street including the reflection in the window, the flower petals on the sidewalk and the strap of his bag. The man is careful of his clothing as indicated with his shiny shoes and hat. Wonderful story Isaac.   Posted: 06/16/2021 10:46:15

Daniel De Cort   Daniel De Cort
A colorful street scene. Good composition. Especially the details tell a lot: neat clothes and a "modern" backpack. Beautifully portrayed.   Posted: 06/21/2021 12:20:47

Bruce Goodman   Bruce Goodman
Beautiful colors, action from the musician (I can almost hear his voice), the shined shoes, and framed well. Two distractions for me.... 1) the man's face may be glistening with sweat, but seems over-processed, it has a somewhat plasticized look. While the pride in the man's shoes is evident and are an important part of the image they also seem over-bright compared to the rest of the photo. B   Posted: 06/21/2021 20:23:39


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