Sally Erickson

Sally Erickson

I was born and raised in Michigan. My family has said I got the gypsy gene as I have wandered and lived in many different places. Currently, I live on the south coast of Mass. One of my favorite sayings is "Not all who wander are lost".

I've worked for large and small companies generally in administrative from the receptionist to office manager/executive assistant. I currently am a tax preparer which is perfect because I work from January to April 15th. I'm not fond of winter so it helps the time go by to spring which I love because I can go out with my camera and record the rebirth of my surroundings.

I didn't really get into photography until later in life. I love to go out on the lake and fish, it's peaceful and the sunsets are amazing. That's when I picked up a point-and-shoot disposable camera. My heart began to sing, so I then invested in an entry-level Nikon film camera. Now I have a Canon Rebel T7i with kit lenses. It suits me just fine. Maybe one day I'll move up to mirrorless, time will tell.

When in Colorado I joined a PSA member camera club and my eyes were opened. I learned so much, I will be forever grateful to the membership for helping me along. I joined a local camera club as soon as I moved to Mass. Everyone in the club is friendly and helpful. I am now the treasurer and chair of our exhibits planning group. We go on outings together and share our images on our meetup site.

I am looking forward to sharing with this group. So many times I have been working on an image and I wonder how I can make it better, a different perspective, a new way to imagine it. Thank you for the opportunity.

You can see my work on: Heavenly Kreations Photography