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Ironing by Jessica Manelis

January 2022 - Ironing

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Back in November I attend a photo workshop held at a junkyard. This is one of the photos I took. I actually took several pictures of this iron and then someone else kept moving it. I liked the various textures and colors. I also shot this with a "new" old camera. I bought a Panasonic mirrorless, DMC-GF6 years ago. It's compact, but I never used it much. I decided to pull it out for this. The lens is just the lens that came with it. I processed in Lightroom.

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Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
I love old rusty things and this is a real find. The textures are wonderful. I also really like the color palette of the orange and blue. I would have liked to have seen the whole orange leaves on either side of the iron. I would also suggest significantly darkening down the background at the top of the frame. It is very busy and bright; taking my eye away from the iron.   Posted: 01/06/2022 12:28:48

Bob Crocker   Bob Crocker
Cool find and great subject. The textures of the wood handle and the rust complement each other well. I agree about the background; its tough when your with a group and other people are moving your subject around. If you could darken that white fence, or change its color, that would make it less distracting.   Posted: 01/17/2022 10:48:00


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