Marcela Stegemueller  

Bumble Bee on Esperanza Blooms by Marcela Stegemueller

September 2021 - Bumble Bee on Esperanza Blooms

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I took this closeup with my iPhone. The settings were 1/800 sec. @ f/1.8.

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Andrew Carstensen   Andrew Carstensen
This shot brings a nice cool, peaceful feeling to my mind. Everything looks healthy and happy, especially in the lower right corner. You could crop that corner all by itself. No wonder you and the bee were attracted to this subject. The small purple places in the background work well too complimenting the main green and yellow tones.   Posted: 09/08/2021 09:39:17

Jessica Manelis   Jessica Manelis
Nice bright image. I am not sure if it was available, but I am curious if the bee had more colors going on its back at all? The bee feels al little dark, but I am nit sure lightening it up would do anything.   Posted: 09/14/2021 08:20:59

Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
A nice capture with lovely focus and lighting on the flowers, which look great against the green. Noting what Jessica said, I wonder if you can take this into the Camera Raw filter and open the shadows on the bee a little. I would also suggest a slight vignette to help hold the viewer's eye in the frame.   Posted: 09/19/2021 13:14:42


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