Nancy Speaker, QPSA, PPSA  

Painted Iris by Nancy Speaker, QPSA, PPSA

May 2022 - Painted Iris

May 2022 - Nancy Speaker, QPSA, PPSA


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Here is a quick painting of a iris in bloom in my garden. Happy May to all

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Cindy Gosselin   Cindy Gosselin
Great painting of this iris. And I love the "background explosion" of colors that absolutely and perfectly complement the colors of the iris. You rescued this iris from its garden environment and turned it into a work of art. Absolutely beautiful rendition.   Posted: 05/15/2022 09:31:29

Gerhard Geldenhuys   Gerhard Geldenhuys
You have excelled with this flower painting and the result is very eye catching with a wonderful artistic background. Your artwork is outstanding Nancy.   Posted: 05/21/2022 03:55:16

Nancy Speaker   Nancy Speaker
Thank you Cindy and Gerhard, I begin to doubt myself at times and appreciate your encouragement. Thank you.   Posted: 05/21/2022 13:02:13

Trey Foerster   Trey Foerster
This image yells "FUN" at me. All the colors in the background help outline the flower. There still is a sence of the delicate to the flower. I really like it!   Posted: 05/22/2022 11:31:21


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