Pat Centeno  

Resolute Little Dancer by Pat Centeno

January 2022 - Resolute Little Dancer

January 2022 - Pat Centeno


January 2022 - Pat Centeno

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HOW "RESOLUTE LITTLE DANCER" WAS CREATED “ Both photos were taken at a local powwow the end of September 2018 about 2PM with a Canon EOS 7D & 28-300mm lens at shutter priority 1/640sec to stop action, ISO640, f/11, no flash. After the 3 C's (cropping, cloning and combining) both images in Adobe Photoshop, I used Topaz Labs Simplify>Line & Ink VIII filter, with further local adjustments/tweaks, such as Detail Removal & Enhancement >"Edge & Detail Boost" to get the trees in the background to show texture and look sharper. I decided to change the flat white sky to match some of the blue in the Native American costume, as well.

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Nancy Speaker   Nancy Speaker
Your choice of background is perfect for this image. I feel your placement of the tents and the dancer was a good composition decision too. The bold colors work here with the sky while the hue is correct you may want to tone it down just a bit.
There does tend to be a feeling to me that the dancer is just pasted, so painting in a bit more of the shadow on the right of the dancer would improve the overall sense of realism. You may want to add a bit of shadow to the right of the tents too.
I enjoy the dancer and her body angle with the tents. It is an attractive image and a huge improvement with the composite of the two. Nicely done.   Posted: 01/15/2022 15:55:31

Cindy Gosselin   Cindy Gosselin
What a great composite, and a great idea, and you executed it perfectly. Both original images had so many background distractions; you were masterful in choosing just what you wanted for your final image. Your Topaz post processing decisions really worked well. My personal preference would be to either tone down the sky or add more tree line so that the sky is not visible. I also agree with Nancy about adding a bit of a shadow to the edge of the dancer. I really love this and you did a great job.   Posted: 01/16/2022 12:56:26

Gerhard Geldenhuys   Gerhard Geldenhuys
A very good combination of the two images and a nice colorful image as a result.
My suggestion will be to get rid of the bit of sky and the blue which detracts from the image. The grass area gives the dancer a "paste" feeling . It would be a great idea to change the texture by using painting strokes to get rid of the "paste" impression around the dancer. This can easily be done in layers and by gently using the smudge brush in photoshop.   Posted: 01/22/2022 05:18:42

Pat Centeno   Pat Centeno
It seems to be a consensus that the bright blue sky is a distraction, so I appreciate the comments as a way to enhance the image. Also, the suggestions of how to keep the image from appearing to be pasted onto the background. Thanks for the input.   Posted: 01/23/2022 15:09:43

Trey Foerster   Trey Foerster
I've always wanted to go to one of these events and snap away! I really like your choices of images to use and agree with above of the pasted look. It may be a degree of feathering around the dancer and also at the tee pee line which may resolve the issue. I'd simply fill the sky area with more tree leaves before I went to paint the composite.   Posted: 01/24/2022 09:55:20