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Raindrops on Roses by Cindy Gosselin

January 2022 - Raindrops on Roses

January 2022 - Cindy Gosselin


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The original rose photo was taken indoors, with the addition of many artificial “raindrops.” As a painting, the Photoshop mixer brushes were used, blending away most of the raindrops. I chose to leave three painted raindrops as focal points. A black border was also painted into the image’s interior with scratchy mixer brush strokes.

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Terry Clark   Terry Clark
This is SO lush.
I do so like dew drops on petals and I hate to see them go, but the end results are worth it. I might have kept a couple more along the front petal.
Tall slender images work as prints on a wall but not so well on our horizontal monitors. I would suggest cropping just a little off the bottom to improve the screen fit but if printing this (and I would) keep the whole thing.
  Posted: 01/09/2022 15:03:03

Nancy Speaker   Nancy Speaker
Love the motion in the petals and the feather brush strokes. The 3 raindrops are a nice touch, too. Your raindrops could be even larger since they play a significant element role. I agree with Terry on cropping some off the bottom.   Posted: 01/15/2022 18:27:57
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