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The Flume by Rick Taft

September 2023 - The Flume

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Description: This shot was taken mid-day in mid-October at a well-known waterfall in New Hampshire called “The Flume”. At a time of day when the light is normally harsh outside, this cascade was surrounded by trees which diffused the light and had an interesting effect on the color of the water.

Intent: I wanted to frame the shot to catch the full length of the cascade as it makes various twists and turns. I wanted to have the surroundings tack sharp on the one hand, but also use a slow enough shutter speed to blue the water a bit…so the sharpness of the surrounding rocks, moss and leaves contrasted with the smoothness of the water. There was also a fascinating bluish tinge to the water I wanted to catch.

Edit: I cropped the shot to eliminate surrounding rocks and focus attention on the waterfall. Basic tweaks to exposure and a slight boost to saturation. I did a mask over the water to recover detail from highlights and pull back exposure in a couple of places where it was close to being blown out.
Tech details: Camera: Sony A7Riii Lens: Sony 24-105mm F4 zoom. Focal length: 73 mm. ISO: 160; f/22 1/2 sec. Used a tripod.

Editing Software: Capture One 22.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

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Lori Azevedo   Lori Azevedo
Lovely. The moss on the rocks really brings out the color of the waterfalls. The only correction I can see is to darken the highlight on the lower fall to the left of the water. It's the only minor distraction I see. Great job.   Posted: 09/10/2023 16:58:14

Butch Mazzuca
I think you succeeded in what your goal was - and not much I would change. That said, if you were to shoot it again you might consider a longer exposure to get silkier water, but that's a maybe, I image you would probably have to experiment with several different shutter speeds. Also, you might try brightening/lightening the water flow to make it pop a touch more - increasing the highlights or the white slider or just the exposure but only on the water - just a thought.

You did a nice job, I really like this image.   Posted: 09/22/2023 16:14:10


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