Matt Moses  

Dragon Fly by Matt Moses

August 2022 - Dragon Fly

About the Image(s)

Shot handheld while sitting in my kayak on the St. Louis River. Was a gorgeous day to be paddling and luckily this dragon fly sat still long enough and posed for me.

brightened shadows and whites
slight crop
sharpened in Topaz Sharpen AI

Nikon Z6
24-120mm/F4 lens at 120
ISO 100
1/320 @ F/5.6

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Zina Mirsky   Zina Mirsky
Amazing! Handheld in a kayak - I know how difficult that is! And how excellent that Topaz Sharpen AI did such a great job on the subject and not the beautiful bokeh background! Inspiring in many ways.   Posted: 08/13/2022 19:17:10

Alec Chester   Alec Chester
As Zina said, great job with a hand held camera in a kayak! Very sharp image with a nicely blurred background. I see you used a mirrorless camera. Is it worth switching over?   Posted: 08/15/2022 06:57:14


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