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It's about U by Pauline Jaffe

October 2021 - It's about U

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call the attached abstract image, "It's about U" because the interesting shape seems to almost form a "U".
About a month or two ago my husband and I went to Arches and Canyonland and flew into a beautiful Salt Lake City Airport.
Above my head on the wall is what I will call a "wave" for a lack of a better word that that would shine with different lighting.
I captured part of the wave and created this wonderful abstract lighting the center.

I used a Nikon 5600. The image was shot hand held in the airport at ISO 100, shutter 1/30, f 5.3

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Marianne Shine   Marianne Shine
Wow, nicely done abstract; my eyes go right to the light in the center and the cropping emphasizes the "U"shape. Sharp detail, including the edges that direct the eyes to each level.

Pauline, welcome to our group! Many years ago I lived briefly in Silver Spring near Sligo Creek and the historic Mrs. K's Toll House restaurant. A beautiful area, good for photographs! Sorry to read of Mrs. K's closing last December after 90 years.   Posted: 10/10/2021 16:06:02

Michael Hrankowski   Michael Hrankowski
(Group 3)
Hi Pauline. Just visiting your group and I was captured by your image. I love the lines and the play of light and shadow. Very nicely done! As an exercise just for myself, I brought your image into Photoshop and played around with it (I am still learning PS). I wondered if inverting it would better allow my eye to follow the lines to the center. I also used two curves adjustment layers to further direct my eye. ...not trying to make it "better" since your version is beautiful as is - just offering up an experimental alternative. Curious what you think.   Posted: 10/12/2021 10:33:13
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