Gail McTaggart  

Red Light by Gail McTaggart

May 2021 - Red Light

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Taken with My Nikon D850. F8, 1/6, ISO 800, -1ev (not sure why) @ 62mm.

I took this one night just before Christmas 2020 in one of the alleys in Melb. I really love the light, the reflections of the light, the texture in the brickwork and the balance of the wire door and wire grate above the doorway. The complementary colours of the red light and greenish walls. I have entered this image in a few comps unfortunately with no luck. I would appreciate the feedback.... good or bad!

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Marianne Shine   Marianne Shine
I love this image! The luminous red offset by the texture and bright green of the brick, the way my eyes are led to the brightly lit sign at the end of the red opening, the detailed items on the wall inside that give character to the entrance. I especially enjoy photos that tell a story and the one I compose here is about the award winning American actress and activist Lucy Liu, whose name is lit up on the back wall - that the open door is inviting me to walk in to the end of the hall where I could turn to find a room off to the side or stairs leading to a room upstairs where she is scheduled to speak about human rights. The photos on the brick wall to the right of the entrance could be photos and tickets from other events. The area behind the bars above the doorway could be for the meeting room! The wire grating and eerie glow make me think this a neighborhood that calls for caution and awareness. If you find a competition for photo journalism I think you have a winner!!   Posted: 05/06/2021 13:31:51


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