Alan Kaplan  

Butterfly Fantasy by Alan Kaplan

August 2022 - Butterfly Fantasy

August 2022 - Alan Kaplan


August 2022 - Alan Kaplan

Original 2

August 2022 - Alan Kaplan

Original 3

About the Image(s)

Five years ago a camera club in central New Jersey had a clever idea for a fund raiser. They rented professional lights and backdrop, and hired a professional ballerina to dance for other camera club members who were willing to pay a fee and take the trip to central New Jersey to spend a couple of hours photographing the ballerina. I have used my photos of this ballerina in several composites.
The background is a Radial Gradient that I started on its own layer in the upper left corner of the image.
I used the wings from Original 2 and from a different shot of the same butterfly, and I used the fence in Original 3 in this year’s June entry.
The rest is cut-and-paste, shadow creation, and imagination.


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