Neil Davies-McKay  

Bedouin Camel Herder by Neil Davies-McKay

May 2021 - Bedouin Camel Herder

May 2021 - Neil Davies-McKay


May 2021 - Neil Davies-McKay

Original 2

May 2021 - Neil Davies-McKay

Original 3

About the Image(s)

A revisit to some of my first images taken over 10 years ago, in the hope of salvaging them.

On a visit to Saint Catherine Monastery in the Sinai Desert, this chap & his camel gladly posed for two images, one of his camel in focus & one of him.
Back then I never realised or had the intention of focus stacking but having found the two raw files I decided to have a play.

The base images I used was the in focus camel, firstly I cloned out the people in the background, then extended the left side of the canvas to fit his arm in & frame it better. I used the stamp tool to fill in the newly extended area with more rock face, adding the man as a new layer over the blurry figure. His face was then highlighted & toned.

Its not an amazing image but I’m happy I’ve made use of two poor images.

Canon EOS 600D
18-55mm Canon EF-S @32mm

Adobe Photoshop
Silver Efex Pro 2


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