Albert Zabin  

Ice Cave Wall by Albert Zabin

June 2022 - Ice Cave Wall

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This is a close cup of the wall of an ice cave formed under a glacier in Iceland.

Data: Nikon 800, Tamron 14-35mm, f/11 aperture priority. tripod

Post-processing with ON1. increased vibrance and highlights to bring out the translucencies in the ice. Also lighted the very dark areas to balance the lighting. This looks more like how my brain saw the area. The human eye’s iris changes with the lightness of what it sees. My finished photo looks more like my vision of the ice wall than what the camera showed on its screen.

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Miriam Power   Miriam Power
Wonderful abstract image. Print it & frame it   Posted: 06/18/2022 12:16:53

Arabella Dane   Arabella Dane
what a great story this image tells. Love all the details the rhythm of the ice edges and the color values.   Posted: 06/18/2022 13:15:44

Brenda Frezeman   Brenda Frezeman
Fantastic image! I really like the color contrasts, both overall and in the small details.   Posted: 06/18/2022 21:05:27

Tom Pickering   Tom Pickering
Love the colors and movement - it's as though you "froze" the movement of water. Oh wait! Nature did that for you! d;¬{D There's a natural leading line from the top right and then the eye naturally studies the glow in the middle right.

Which version of On1 are you using, 2022.5?

I'm known for playing around with images and couldn't resist doing so with yours. Here's a version with it flipped vertically - it reminds me of a wave:   Posted: 06/19/2022 17:05:07
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Albert Zabin   Albert Zabin
I've played with it also. I either way is right side up. It is abstrct enough that it also works 90% rotation either way, but not as well as either of the vertical presentation/, in my opinion. I am using 2022.5   Posted: 06/20/2022 12:10:03

Rusty Pinckney   Rusty Pinckney
Welcome Albert. I love the color and movement in this beautiful abstract.   Posted: 06/21/2022 15:26:21

Brian Chen   Brian Chen
Beautiful work. Yes, print it and frame it. Attracted by the color and flow patter initially. One can still read carefully to see the details. Like it.   Posted: 06/22/2022 15:14:05