Sharon Prislipsky, PPSA  

Redwing in the Morning by Sharon Prislipsky, PPSA

May 2021 - Redwing in the Morning

About the Image(s)

I have been trying for a long time to capture an image of a Redwing Blackbird with some kind of action. It was pretty easy to get one sitting on a branch, but getting one engaged in an intereting avian behavior was a different matter. One morning in March at South Padre Island there were quite a few hanging around so I spent about an hour phtographing them and captured a few frames where there was something going on.
This was captured with my Canon EOS R5 and Canon 100-400mm lens with a 1.4 teleconverter, so I was at 560mm. Setting were ISO 1000; F/8.0; 1/1000 sec. Camera was handheld.
I thought I preserved the original, but alas I cannot find it on any of my hard drives. I added canvas in front of the bird and flipped it horizontally. Other than that my adjustments were to contrast, clarity, saturation. I adjusted the WB and used the HSL panel in LR to get more blue into the background. Finally, I added a subtle vignette.


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