Jo-Ann Rolle  

Water show by Jo-Ann Rolle

November 2021 - Water show

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I did a photo shoot at a flower garden and many of the images were flowers.. but I thought the watershow was an interesting image as the flows upward in defiance of gravity made an interesting subject... it was like nature was dancing in the air.

Shot with Cannon T3i and 250 lens. Post processing in Lightroom.

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David Kepley   David Kepley
Jo-Anne, What a spectacular moment! The upward surge of water looks like the people will be washed away in a tsunami! Pretty cool. What shutter speed did you use? Seems like a pretty fast speed, maybe 1/200? You could have gone even faster if you wanted to freeze the water drops in mid air. You might consider straightening out the horizon line. It is just a hair off. Having people in the photo gives us a perspective on how big the fountain was. Sorry that you had a competing fountain in the lower right and that you couldn't both have the photo centered on the platform, which it is, and also get those nice dark trees behind the entire splash. Can't control enverythig!   Posted: 11/16/2021 11:01:40


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