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I LOVE YOU SANTA by Lloyd Delaney

January 2022 - I LOVE YOU SANTA

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I volunteered to shoot Santa photos with children and families in early December. I took about 150 family groups and 1300 images in 3 hours. It was a blast! The little girl in this picture was leaving the scene when she suddenly turned back and gave Santa a huge hug. I pushed the button… I was using my Olympus EM I Mark X with as 40-150 mm lens at f 5.6 and ISO 400 at 1/80 sec exposure. I had a GoDox light on a stand to the side with an umbrella for the lighting. For post, I made minor adjustments in Lightroom. The biggest was to tone down the green astroturf.

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Margaret Sprott   Margaret Sprott
I love this photo. If I want to get picky, I may have cropped off a little of the left or tried to get more of the left in the photo. However, given how fast you had to work I'm amazed you got such a great shot. I'm glad you had fun.   Posted: 01/04/2022 13:31:12
Lloyd Delaney   Lloyd Delaney
Thank you   Posted: 01/07/2022 16:22:22

Mary Walsh   Mary Walsh
This photo is great! It really tells a cute story. Love it! The only thing I noticed is Santa's face is a little too red. Wasn't sure if he had too much makeup on or what. Would be good if you could tone it down just a bit.   Posted: 01/07/2022 14:07:04
Lloyd Delaney   Lloyd Delaney
Thanks, I will give it a look.   Posted: 01/07/2022 16:22:48

Tom Buckard   Tom Buckard
Lloyd, I know you like to tell stories and this image certainly succeeds. I agree with Margaret that if you would just crop the white balls on the left it would be possibly better. I love Santas expression, even the red cheeks and he seems so sincere about giving the little girl a hug. Excellent!!!   Posted: 01/08/2022 10:27:29
Lloyd Delaney   Lloyd Delaney
Thank you   Posted: 01/08/2022 12:09:03

Jamie Federick   Jamie Federick
Love the image and the story it tells! Such a sensitive photo that brings sweet emotions. I agree about the crop to get those white balls out. But, Santa's red face is from wind burn and makes him jolly and authentic! Love it!   Posted: 01/08/2022 21:50:52
Lloyd Delaney   Lloyd Delaney
Thank you   Posted: 01/09/2022 11:16:35


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