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Carol in Stockade by Paul Moertl

January 2022 - Carol in Stockade

January 2022 - Paul Moertl


January 2022 - Paul Moertl

Original 2

January 2022 - Paul Moertl

Original 3

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My wife and I were at a place that had old buildings and this stockade. Carol plafully put herself in it (with a little help from me). I processed it in Photomatix using the Enhance1 preset which I found online.

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Richard White   Richard White
Paul, I'm glad Carol agreed to be locked up in the stockade. Looks like you were having fun. The photos were nicely combined to bring out the stockage and the foliage behing.   Posted: 01/12/2022 15:51:22

Don Poulton   Don Poulton
Paul, it's good that Carol agreed to this, you were able to bring out some humor in a situation that would have been seen far differently a few centuries ago. The only suggestion I have is to tone down the bright spot in the top right corner (perhaps layer in the underexposed bracket here to accomplish this).   Posted: 01/21/2022 12:51:45


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