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Used Car Sale by Ron Clegg

October 2021 - Used Car Sale

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Used Car Sale, was shot in a rural amusement park/junkyard, about twenty five miles north of Windsor Ontario.
This scene was sitting a bit out of the way in a picnic area. It had been the site of a real used car lot at one time.
I was intrigued by the details in the barber shop porch and the gritty details in the vehicles. I though the sign was a bit humorous.
Nikon D750 ISO 200, 24-85 mm lens f8, 1/15th, (+/-5) brackets not available. processed with Photomatix 6.3, cropping, contrast and other minor adjustments in Affinity Photo.

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Tom Buckard   Tom Buckard
Ron you shoot the things that I just love. Like the angle and tight crop of this image. The red door and the barber pole really pop. Very nice HDR.   Posted: 10/04/2021 17:35:16

Richard White   Richard White
Ron, I really like this photo. Old cars, trucks just make my day. The Barber Shop with the barber pole and the "Red" door and the chair just make this picture. Were they really selling these vehicles?   Posted: 10/09/2021 18:26:54
Ron Clegg   Ron Clegg
Don't really know.I doubt if anyone would buy one (grin).   Posted: 10/20/2021 15:31:00

Paul Moertl   Paul Moertl
Great photo, Ron. Your keeping the barber shop sign and the entire used car sign is excellent crop. Color is great, too.   Posted: 10/09/2021 19:02:51

Don Poulton   Don Poulton
Great shot, Ron. Your HDR treatment really brings out the detail in this scene, the bit of grunge treatment works well in this type of image, as it did with Tom's. Good color. Another spot that I should try to look up some time, this can't be more than about three or four hours from my home.   Posted: 10/11/2021 14:37:21
Ron Clegg   Ron Clegg
I was at this location on an invitation of a camera club in
Ontario Canada. If I can find it again I'll take you.   Posted: 10/20/2021 15:34:11


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