Phyllis Peterson  

Schoolhouse by Phyllis Peterson

May 2023 - Schoolhouse

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Camera Information: Nikon D810 with a 14-28 lens.
Used a tripod.

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David Terao   David Terao
What a beautiful shot of the Milky Way with a complementary foreground element! The wispy clouds behind the church add that special touch. However, there are a couple patches of completely empty sky in the upper right corner that look unnatural...might benefit from a little cloning?   Posted: 05/08/2023 07:28:26
Phyllis Peterson   Phyllis Peterson
Thanks for your comments! I didn't notice those empty patches in the sky. I will have to look back at my original to see what happened there.   Posted: 05/09/2023 11:11:40
David Terao   David Terao
Actually, I meant "upper left corner" not "right," but you probably figured that out.   Posted: 05/09/2023 11:50:39

Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
What a wonderful capture. You did a great job of keeping the stars so focused. The schoolhouse is a nice anchor for the sky. At first, I wondered if you should clone out the lightpost, but decided no because it give the source of light for the building and I like the touch of green of the grasss below the light. I agree with David, that the clouds are a nice touch. Nice job!   Posted: 05/08/2023 11:14:22

Charlie Yang   Charlie Yang
That's interesting one that I haven't got into yet. may be just because I'm in Chicago area, it seems that I have to travel hundred miles to get some 'clean sky'. Do you have to go far? or how do you got this?
I'm in awe of the image. nicely done. like the school house, you didn't mention was one shot, or long exposure of several shots merged?

Sounds like fun to try it, thanks for the inspiration!   Posted: 05/11/2023 22:39:13
Phyllis Peterson   Phyllis Peterson
Hi Charlie, you can find out where you need to go at this app: In order to take the Milky Way and have the stars pop it's good to find a place with low light pollution.And, go out when the moon is only a sliver. I'm sorry I forgot to include the camera info: I used a wide angle lens (14mm), shutter speed: 15 sec. aperture: F/4.0, ISO 5000. It's very fun to capture the Milky Way but you have to plan ahead. Location was in the vicinity of Glacier NP in Montana.   Posted: 05/29/2023 10:38:01

Robert Knight   Robert Knight
This is a very attractive image. I like all the space with the dominant schoolhouse, the wispy clouds behind it and all the stars. I agree with David that a bit of cloning top left would improve things. It looks like a longish exposure and you have captured the detail beautifully. My father was a headmaster and we lived in the schoolhouse but it was nothing like this one. This looks much better.   Posted: 05/15/2023 16:58:47
Phyllis Peterson   Phyllis Peterson
Hi Robert, Thanks for your comments. I forgot to include camera info: Wide Angle lens: 14mm, SS: 15 sec, Ap: F/4.0, ISO 5000.   Posted: 05/29/2023 10:41:29

Ray Henrikson   Ray Henrikson
Interesting enough but night shots of a star-filled sky just do not grab me, unless coupled with with some other event. Exposure time?   Posted: 05/25/2023 19:19:34
Phyllis Peterson   Phyllis Peterson
Hi Ray, I forgot to include camera info: Wide Angle lens: 14mm, SS: 15 sec, Ap: F/4.0, ISO 5000.   Posted: 05/29/2023 10:41:42

Bai Chuang Shyu   Bai Chuang Shyu
It is a beautiful night scene with the sky full of stars. I would like to know more of the parameters used in the image, for instance the speed, aperture and the ISO?   Posted: 05/30/2023 06:19:35


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