Phyllis Peterson  

Old Southern Oak by Phyllis Peterson

May 2021 - Old Southern Oak

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Location: Middleton Cemetery in Charleston, SC
The trees are so old in the Charleston Cemetery that they take on their own personality. This tree is like a bent over old person.

Details: Nikon D700, Lens 12-24mm, Shutter Speed 1/80, Aperture: f/16, ISO 400

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David Terao   David Terao
This old oak tree has so much character and is very South Carolina-ish. Converting the image to monochrome brings out the character of the crooked tree branches by not having distracting colors competing with it. The hanging Spanish moss in the background and the cemetery headstones also add to the mood of the image. Very well done!   Posted: 05/01/2021 20:36:30

Don MacKenzie   Don MacKenzie
Great looking old oak. It certainly has character. Sharp. Tree fills the photo. Unlike David, I find the headstones, etc. a distraction. Good black and white.   Posted: 05/03/2021 09:15:34

Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
I like the sepia treatment you gave to this photo. You have nice details in the tree branches and I like the cemetery to the right. I think it gives it a sense of the surrounding environment. My only suggestion is to add a little more space around the tree if possible. It fells like its cropped a little too closely for my taste.   Posted: 05/06/2021 09:50:50


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