Brad Ashbrook  

Sainte-Chapelle by Brad Ashbrook

May 2023 - Sainte-Chapelle

May 2023 - Brad Ashbrook


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This was photographed on December 26th in Paris France and is one amazing small church. This is a 3 shot HDR at 16mm, f8 and 1/30th of a second at ISO1600. All the processing was done in LR with the standard adjustments plus a little straightening.

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Bill Buchanan   Bill Buchanan
Awesome job Brad. You have captured all the detail in the stained glass with a terrific blend.   Posted: 05/08/2023 13:13:53

Rick Cloran   Rick Cloran
Excellent impact and detail. Super job in holding a nice tonal range through all of the windows.   Posted: 05/09/2023 18:29:45

Jane Ballard   Jane Ballard
Wow - what color! Absolutely beautiful!   Posted: 05/10/2023 16:50:27

Max Burke   Max Burke
Brad, you did a superb picture with your corrections and finished image. The stained glass windowed area from bottom to top on three sides - good in every perspective.   Posted: 05/17/2023 15:31:02

Don Poulton   Don Poulton
Your HDR treatment really brought out the colors in the stained glass windows. I cannot add anything else, I agree with all the comments the others have made.   Posted: 05/22/2023 14:09:45

Lisa Cuchara   Lisa Cuchara
love the subject and composition.

There seems to be a couple of hazy parts that could be tweaked   Posted: 05/25/2023 22:35:08
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Lisa Cuchara   Lisa Cuchara
Dehazed   Posted: 05/25/2023 23:24:09
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Brad Ashbrook   Brad Ashbrook
That's cool.. pretty effective.   Posted: 05/26/2023 09:32:07


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