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GTE Truck by Bob Patrick

November 2021 - GTE Truck

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Went back to my favorite rust farm and found this old Chevy pickup. D800E with Sigma 24-105 at 32mm. ISO 400, F11, 1/100 sec, 1/50 sec, 1/13 sec. Aurora 2018 with Cityscape Preset. Cropped in Photoshop.

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Rick Cloran   Rick Cloran
Must be old truck month. The blend is smooth and the tones look right to me. It may need a bit more contrast as mine seemed to. Love the flat tires and wire holding the bumper.   Posted: 11/03/2021 12:55:37

Max Burke   Max Burke
It is a coincidence you and Rick had the same idea for this month's image. They are both quite similar. I would have named yours "Bumper needs Repairs". The tires also drew my attention. They are all shot except for the one hanging on the right side of the truck. You have good composition with this image and another part of our history. Some day this truck will be gone. As Rick implied, Just a slight increase in contrast might help the colors in the lighting you had that day,   Posted: 11/15/2021 18:17:05

Brad Ashbrook   Brad Ashbrook
Definitely cool old truck month! Another great find and the processing looks natural and the green jumps off the screen. I think it could you a little more contrast as well.   Posted: 11/16/2021 09:40:14


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