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November 2021 - Untitled

November 2021 - Harley Rubens


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Practicing with my DJI Drone. Flying is no longer a problem but composing a photo is more difficult. I Shot the following with My DJI Drone with its generic camera. I set the ISO at 100, 4.49 mm lens, fixed 2.8 lens and shot at 1/640 sec. I brought out the colors with Lightroom, did some minimal Photoshop and used my two new Topaz plugins, AI Sharpen and AI Denoise. I will be working on finding more subjects. Movies are great and they are all stabilized, even in the wind.

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Bruce Michelotti   Bruce Michelotti
Well, I see you are up and running. Nice fall foliage shot from above. I am sure it takes lots of practice to fly and photograph at the same time. Pretty soon you will be chasing the birds in flight for those one of a kind shots. Looking forward to more eye in the sky images.   Posted: 11/09/2021 10:54:13
Harley Rubens   Harley Rubens
Thanks Bruce. I did want to start putting some of the photos out there. With winter approaching in the Chicago area, I may not have much time, unless I go out of town. I do think now that maybe I overdid the Topaz adjustments.
  Posted: 11/10/2021 11:15:52

Leo Chow   Leo Chow
I like the beautiful colors of the trees in the picture. I would suggest taking more foreground in the composition, e.g. more lane in the foreground that would make the picture looks better.   Posted: 11/09/2021 20:59:38
Harley Rubens   Harley Rubens
I agree that more walkway into the path would make it alot better. I need to practicing composing, on the fly. Thanks
  Posted: 11/10/2021 11:11:35

Linda M Medine   Linda M Medine
Beautiful colors. Great sky too. Looks like a documentary image. I glad you have a new toy. That is always fun.   Posted: 11/17/2021 12:38:27
Harley Rubens   Harley Rubens
Thanks Linda. it is too bad it is getting so cold around here. It is an amazing toy though.   Posted: 11/17/2021 15:25:29

Andrew Lewis   Andrew Lewis
The colors in the trees are exquisite. Being in the desert, I really admire other parts of the country that get such a display in the fall. The sky is also wonderful, with the shades and textures you show in the clouds. The only thing I can think of would be to crop out the bottom of the frame. There is not enough of the path showing to tell part of the story in the image. Also, the dead wood in the lower left and blue of the signs are a little distracting. Other than that, I love the different shades in the tree canopies. Great job, Harley.   Posted: 11/29/2021 19:29:37
Harley Rubens   Harley Rubens
Good idea. Thanks Andrew.

  Posted: 11/30/2021 10:20:50