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Lightbulb Lighthouse by Bruce Michelotti

July 2021 - Lightbulb Lighthouse

July 2021 - Bruce Michelotti


July 2021 - Bruce Michelotti

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This image is a departure from the normal for our group, but I thought it might be fun to show it and get your comments. It, obviously, is a composite of two photos. The lighthouse and the lightbulb. The lighthouse was the easy shot. It was captured using my 7D MII at 1/250 sec at f/8.0 with ISO 100. Just a straightforward shot with a bit of adjustment in Lightroom. The bulb on the other hand proved more difficult. The final try was at 1/15 sec (on tripod) at f/11 with ISO 200. My first attempt at the bulb (about 45 minutes) focused on eliminating all reflections. But when I went to put the images together I realized that without reflections in the bulb it was very hard to tell it was a bulb, so back to the drawing board.
The second portrait session for the bulb was much easier, just eliminate the harsh and distracting reflections and presto a nice shot of a bulb looking three dimensional with a few reflections thrown in for good measure. I combined the two shots in Photoshop using different layers and adjusting for fit. Obviously the lighthouse had to be cut from its background and “fit” into the bulb. Various blending options were used to get the lighthouse to appear it was inside of the bulb. Once it all was put together I adjusted for color and brightness. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Linda M Medine   Linda M Medine
I know this is very hard to do and make it look really good and you did an excellent job. I was wondering if you thought about not having you hand in the image?   Posted: 07/06/2021 20:30:20
Bruce Michelotti   Bruce Michelotti
Thanks for your comment Linda. As a matter of fact I started out with the bulb resting on a small ring to hold it straight. That really didn't look too good and I wanted to show the wattage stamp on the bulb top as a reflection on the background so that was out. Next I tried just a photo of the bulb without any hand holding it and that looked like it was floating in space. In the end, I felt it need to be grounded somehow. I feel the hand holding the bulb adds to the illusion that is is a lighthouse trapped in a normal size lightbulb.   Posted: 07/07/2021 09:59:00

Bev Caine   Bev Caine
(Groups 48 & 80)
I'm always looking for great ideas and this certainly fills the bill. It is so very creative and extremely well done,   Posted: 07/07/2021 09:26:55
Bruce Michelotti   Bruce Michelotti
Thanks for your comments Bev. Sometimes crazy ideas do come to fruition.   Posted: 07/07/2021 09:53:03

Lane B Lewis   Lane B Lewis
Fun image! You did a great job. IT works!   Posted: 07/07/2021 19:54:42
Bruce Michelotti   Bruce Michelotti
Thanks Lane.   Posted: 07/08/2021 15:57:30

Mark McKinney   Mark McKinney
This is VERY Clever! The light beam from the lighthouse is great. I give you a 10 for creativity.   Posted: 07/08/2021 18:47:42
Bruce Michelotti   Bruce Michelotti
Thanks Mark, just something for the fun of it.   Posted: 07/10/2021 15:44:28


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