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POOF by Bruce Michelotti

May 2021 - POOF

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I took this a few years ago using a Canon 60D at 1/125 sec, f/5.6, ISO 100 using a 60mm Macro Lens. This plant resembles the Dandelion, but is called the Western Salsify. The puffs get quite large, but I rarely find them intact as the wind usually gets there before I do. I photographed this in the wild using a black card behind the flower to eliminate distractions. I think I used a tripod, but really don’t remember. For shots like this wind is never your friend when shooting in the field so I protected the flower with a white reflector card on the right. Processed raw image in Lightroom.

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Lane B Lewis   Lane B Lewis
Lovely and you got the fluffiness! Love it! You really don't need to change anything. I cropped it very tight and just showed the head and also cropped it about an inch from the bottom which makes the two leaves point to it and frame it. Just some other ideas to try.   Posted: 05/07/2021 08:27:17


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