Heather-Dawn Joseph  

Blowing Smoke by Heather-Dawn Joseph

November 2023 - Blowing Smoke

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This was taken when I attended the FC3 conference earlier this year. I attended a creative arts class where we tried several different techniques. This was taken with my Nikon Z camera and a 70 mm lens.

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Charles Bartolotta   Charles Bartolotta
Smoke images like yours are always interesting to me. (I did some years ago; I need to try them again.) My only suggestions: there's a bit too much smoke and you might consider having the match or incense stick on a bit of a diagonal instead of straight up and down. The lighting and exposure are really good.   Posted: 11/11/2023 10:47:14

Stuart Caine   Stuart Caine
I agree with Charles, I also feel there is to much smoke, I put it thru Topaz Denoise Ai and I also cropped the image ,which makes the match and smoke around, stand out a little more. What do you think ?   Posted: 11/15/2023 14:54:41
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