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August 2022 - Brad Becker


August 2022 - Brad Becker

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This image was created by making a copy of the original and desaturating. A drop shadow was added to create some relief and a pin was added to simulate 3 dimensionality. I chose to leave the color only in the reflection as that was what caught my eye. Adding the blue back on the pin was done to balance the image and create some visual contrast. I added a small amount of black with a brush to simulate the puncture of the picture.

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Julie Vause
This is most interesting, Brad. I very much like what you've done.
My own preference (bearing in mind that it's not me doing it and I have different likes to you) would be to not show so much of the muddy section at the bottom of the picture - rather, cutting it off about half way through the coloured tree reflection, thus creating a 'teaser' as to what more might lie below.   Posted: 08/06/2022 15:33:07
Brad Becker   Brad Becker
Julie, Thanks for this suggestion. It is an excellent idea. I went back and attempted this crop. As is often the case changes force compromise. Cropping the bottom results in loss of the balanced image with the trees up top assuming I attempt to maintain the same proportions. Always tradeoffs.   Posted: 08/07/2022 11:55:17
Julie Vause
Fair enough.   Posted: 08/09/2022 02:07:00


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