Tom Kredo  

Until they become conscious, they will never rebel by Tom Kredo

May 2021 - Until they become conscious, they will never rebel

May 2021 - Tom Kredo


About the Image(s)

I created an action to flip the image and set the blend mode to difference. It creates some interesting effects with structured images like the stairwell. After doing that I got the idea to make it a 1984 image of myself as Big Brother. So I cloned one image of me with a light under me and one with my back to the camera. I had to erase some of the structure to make it look symmetrical. I also have each of me on a separate layer so I could shade it lighter as it got closer to the "video screen". I also layered the ball from the March image to frame my face and give it a more powerful look. I also added the sky from yet another image. I toned down the reds and yellows a bit to give it a darker effect. Whew. I'm tired just describing the steps.


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