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October 2021 - Steve Knight


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My foray into minimalism. While recovering from surgery in July and August I started going back through images I shot several years ago and never attempted to develop into something other than the initial RAW image. This is a photo of the Bolivar Lighthouse. Built in 1872 it was retired in 1933 and is now a non-profit historic preservation site. It harbored 125 refugees during the tragic Galveston Hurricane of 1900 which killed an estimated 8000 citizens of the island and forever changed the future of the City of Galveston.

This was shot in 2017 with a Canon 6D using a 25-105 f/4 L lens at max zoom of 105mm. The ISO was the native 100 with exposure at 1/125 second at f/6.3. I didn't like the initial photo but looking back through the series of images I took 4 years ago I thought this had the potential to make a decent minimalist B&W image. The photo was converted to black and white in Lightroom. I started with B&W Profile 02 then opened it in Ps to remove unwanted objects. Back in Lightroom I modified the texture and clarity globally to bring out some of the detail in the iron structure. I brushed in additional clarity in the shingled roof of the substructure to increase the contrast and bring out a bit more detail.

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David Halgrimson   David Halgrimson
Minimalism you got. It has good impact and interest.

My only comment is, I liked the wider image of the original. It is a bit too square for the subject but the same effect could be accomplished by cropping the top some.

  Posted: 10/01/2021 16:45:41
Steve Knight   Steve Knight
Here is the original native size. The original was cropped for an 11x14 print as I had a baryta paper that size I wanted to print it on. I have to agree that, side by side, I like the wider format better.   Posted: 10/02/2021 15:18:18
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M. Arfan Asif   M. Arfan Asif
Interesting. There is simplicity and minimalism here, which was your intent. I think the ps work has brought out good details and given the image good impact. I am a bit uncomfortable with this aspect, but I understand it is intentional.   Posted: 10/02/2021 12:03:10

Lance Lewin   Lance Lewin
(Groups 83 & 87)
"Points to Ponder"
Happy Sunday, Steve! Well, I do not support severe deleting of artifacts - and I will leave that conversation for another time - but also want to point out how powerful the original is: the work reflects the power in the vernacular: here, we see a combination of modern life (or the effects of industry) and old world architecture. Scenes conveying this narrative were often captured by Walker Evans, for just one example. In this case, I urge photographs to see the beauty and intriguing narrative these compositions can present to viewers, while spending extra time to find locations (positions) that have no obstructive artifacts to create, as your featured image is presented here.

Lance A. Lewin
PSA Black & White Photography Mentor   Posted: 10/03/2021 07:08:51

Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
There is always a question of the intent. I like what you have done. There is a question if you left the power lines and part of a electrical pole and brought it out would it just been a distraction? Your call.   Posted: 10/03/2021 09:35:12

Paul Hoffman   Paul Hoffman
Good simple image of the top half of a lighthouse and that is what it is and my brain is screaming at me that I want more, I want to know what it is attached to, how does it sit in the landscape. Just leaves frustrated for more sorry.   Posted: 10/15/2021 07:55:26


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