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Nesting Dove by Regine Guillemin

June 2022 - Nesting Dove

June 2022 - Regine Guillemin


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Lately I have noticed a Mourning Dove in our backyard, who was flying back and forth so fast and low in front of our bay window that it caught my attention and I started guessing that something was happening in the tree. I grabbed my camera to get her in fly but was unsuccessful. the day after I noticed that I hadn’t seen her for a while so I decided to get closer to the tree to see if the female was in the nest, without disturbing her of course. All of a sudden, surprise!!!! the male just land on the branch in front of me. We were both surprised . I backed up a little bit and was able to take just 3 shots.
Picture taken with camera CANON EOS MARK III lens Canon 100-400mm Auto ISO 5000 F5/6 1/2000sec
Picture was edited in LrC and in Photoshop ( to remove the grass on the bird)
Original is attached as well.
Happy and safe Summer to all of you.

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Art Jacoby   Art Jacoby
I like the fact that he is holding a twig. I cropped, darkened the bright spots in the background and used the lens correction filter to bring the top and right side forward, brightened the eye and head and of course flipped it horizontally.   Posted: 06/07/2022 21:41:19
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Kurtis Sutley   Kurtis Sutley
Regine, I think you did an excellent job in post. My only suggestion would be to crop a little more from the right. My personal rule-of-thumb is to leave at least twice as much room in front of my subject as I have behind. What this does is make me rethink the whole crop and just how important the space around my subject is to the image/story. There are times when more room is better. Really "fast" subjects usually need more space to move into. Of course, your intent/taste is more important than my rule-of-thumb. In my opinion you did a great job removing the leaf from in front of the subject. Very nice.   Posted: 06/08/2022 10:16:07
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Regine Guillemin
Thank you both for your feedbacks. Much appreciated.Thank you Kurtis for elaborating. I learn something from you and understand more how you have cropped your latest image.
  Posted: 06/14/2022 17:57:46

Marge Barham   Marge Barham
Regine, I think you did an amazing job bringing the color back to the doves wing and getting rid of the tree leaf. They are very hard to capture and I think your shutter speed and ISO settings had lots to do with your success. Well done!   Posted: 06/16/2022 20:15:48

Sylvia Bacon   Sylvia Bacon
Regina, I think you did a wonderful job capturing a shot of this dove as he returned to the nest! Removing the leaf takes a bit of patience and no one would ever guess it was there initially. This is a beautiful shot   Posted: 06/27/2022 13:56:12