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Hot, Hot, Hot by Art Jacoby

May 2022 - Hot, Hot, Hot

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I am continuing my exploration of ICM to try and convey to the viewer the feelings and emotions that I experienced at the time of the capture. I am not trying to portray what I saw but what I felt.
The title for this image is Hot, Hot, Hot. It was taken at the performance stage at the Hyatt in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I used a Nikon Z6, nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.5 lens at 78mm, f/14, 1.33 seconds, ISO 100, in RAW, processed with Adobe CC. I hope this image conveys the dancer's energy and passion.
I am also happy to announce that another of my photos was published in Black and White magazine.Issue 153, June 2022, 2021 Digital Manipulation Contest. It was a multiple exposure of a motocross rider.

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Gabriele Dellanave   Gabriele Dellanave
Art, I admire your effort experimenting the ICM technic, very popular as I can see in numerous Facebook Photo Groups. Even with that I'm a bit sceptic, not about the technic but mostly with the results. Your image shows a good color effect, for my personal taste do not show much more than that. I'm sorry I'm not an expert, my comments are jut simple thoughts on top of my head. I'm more (too much? possibly) taken by the traditional photography where you can see not only the movement, but also the image, the subject, the composition, the focusing and everything else. But also I like your image.   Posted: 05/01/2022 11:09:46
Art Jacoby   Art Jacoby
Thanks for your comments. I really do appreciate your perspective, feedback and point of view. ICM isn't for everyone or to everyone's taste.   Posted: 05/02/2022 21:59:00

Sylvia Bacon   Sylvia Bacon
Art, how exciting to have another one of your pictures published, Congratulations! Your picture this month is nice although I have enjoyed your other ICM images more. I can see the dancer's arms and head but I think it's her hair that distracts me. That being said, I can feel lots of energy; it's the bright red and blue colors and camera movements that makes this Hot!   Posted: 05/11/2022 10:42:30

Regine Guillemin
Art, congratulations on your new published picture . It is very encouraging to pursue your ceativity and Photography exploration.
I love ICM and I admire your perseverance ... I am still shy with this technique but would love to practice more later on....
After looking at your picture many time , I realize that the left part of the image bothers me .But I really like the effector ICM with the blue and red fabrics. I would crop this part and create an abstract picture . Also I think I prefer the use of ICM with subjects of nature. ICM and people disturb me a little bit . Sorry.   Posted: 05/16/2022 17:30:13
Art Jacoby   Art Jacoby
Thanks Regine, I appreciate your feedback, point of view and suggestions. That is how we grow. I did some more work and came up with what I think is a stronger image. What do you think?   Posted: 05/19/2022 10:45:15
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Marge Barham   Marge Barham
More congratulations for another published photo. You clearly love what you are doing. Looking at your photo here, all I keep thinking of is "Rolling, Rolling, Rolling on the River with Tina Turner dancing". Very colorful and very exciting ART. Well done Art.
  Posted: 05/24/2022 19:17:08


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