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Taking Off by Peter Cheung

January 2022 - Taking Off

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The photo was taken last month in Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico. Every year starting in early November, some 15,000 sandhill cranes migrate to the Bosque Del Apache wildlife refuge. This annual event also attracts a lot of bird photographers and nature lovers. To capture the takeoff of sandhill cranes, I need to use a very fast shuttle speed. The camera settings are Nikon D850, Nikon 200-500mm, f/5.6, 1/1600 sec, 380mm, ISO-4500. In post-processing, I cropped the image about half and used Topaz Sharpen AI to sharpen the bird and its eye.

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Ham Hayes   Ham Hayes
Peter, Excellent capture of the Crane's take-off. Sharpness, detail, exposure and contrast all seem spot on to my eye. The reeds and water are the right kind of background, and perhaps cloning out the front-most reed removes a slight distraction (see attachment).
Lovely image, very enjoyable!   Posted: 01/10/2022 11:22:36
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Peter Curcio   Peter Curcio
Peter, marvelous image. The detail of the reeds and the crane's legs provide a wonderful contrast. The crane in the foreground is perfect. Nice capture.   Posted: 01/10/2022 20:13:47

Subhash Sapru   Subhash Sapru
To me the best part is that despite clutter you are able to isolate one crane and its well captured in motion.   Posted: 01/15/2022 06:41:40


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