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New York New York by Bob Scott

September 2021 - New York New York

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While in Las Vegas, I shot a lot of casinos. I spent two hours one night scouting the best spots for shooting the New York New York casino roller coaster, which wraps around the building. But I decided to take this shot to capture the scale of the building. This is the back side—away from Las Vegas Boulevard (the strip) face the Park MGM hotel, a little cropping to eliminate street sculpture. Originally, the smaller square building at the end of the left side of the road, was bright white as was the low wall to its right—where the eye goes so I changed the color. I dimmed the white on the spire of the fake Chrysler tower on the left slightly. Somebody in the local camera club tried to figure out why the right tower (fake Empire State building) was out of focus. It’s not. It’s covered by a wisp of cloud. I got lucky on the sky. This was taken in the late afternoon with a Nikon Z-7 sporting a Tamron 15 to 30 lens at 18mm; ISO 100 and 1/500 sec. The biggest challenge? Watching for traffic coming behind me.

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Peter Curcio   Peter Curcio
Bob, the image almost looks surreal. The colors of the buildings and the sky are fantastic, only to be complimented with the trees. I have been to Las Vegas many times and would be hard pressed to capture this image with all of the traffic. Nice!   Posted: 09/12/2021 10:36:02

Bob Scott   Bob Scott
thanks   Posted: 09/16/2021 00:09:58


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