I live in rural Kingsville, Missouri with my husband, Tim, and a Great Dane, Annie. We are both retired and travel with Annie in our RV. Each place we visit is a photographic opportunity. I seriously began my adventure with an old Canon 20D. In 2005, I purchased a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Two years ago due to a UTV trial-by-water, I replaced my soaked Canon with a Sony Alpha a7r iv. It was a lemon from the beginning, and I switched back to Canon with the purchase of an R5, which I love.

I am currently a member of Digital Dimensions & Beyond and Summit Art. I have attended multiple workshops, classes, field trips, etc. Mom used to say I was a professional student, but photography changes so much that you have to stay current. I have shown in multiple exhibits and have sold several pieces of work. This is my second Study Group with PSA. I attended the 2022 PSA Festival in Colorado Springs, Co. and loved it. I highly recommend going as I learned so many new things and experienced three hands-on events.

I like to photograph a variety of images and find it difficult to stay with just one genre. I have some disabilities with my back so going out monthly to make new images is not always easy, but I look forward to whatever challenges the assignments present. I am anxious to get to know the people in my group and in both receiving and giving constructive critiques.