Barbara Gore  

Dunedin Pier by Barbara Gore

August 2022 - Dunedin Pier

About the Image(s)

This photo was taken in Florida last year during a visit to the town of Dunedin. The beauty of this location is how easy it is to photograph the sunrise on Tampa Bay and then head to the Gulf Coast to photograph the sunset. When I plan a sunrise or sunset shoot, color and clouds are ideal. My favorite app is Skyfire as it allows you to plan a few days ahead and shows you what kind of color to expect. To date it has never failed in its color predication. So, seeing the color was good and there were a few clouds in the sky, I headed out to Safety Harbor which is on the west shore of Tampa Bay. There were a handful of people on the pier that morning so decided to shoot a silhouette and waited until people were right in front of the sun. I was lucky enough to also catch a few birds in the frame.

Minor edits were done in lightroom. Since most of the clouds were higher in the sky and weren’t visible with this horizontal composition, I blended a second image with clouds from the same morning and added a layer mask.

Canon 5d Mark IV

ISO 400, 105mm, f/9.0, 1/1000sec

Tripod and remote

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Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
A lot of good work here, Barbara. Good planning and knowledge did payed off, indeed. Waiting until everything is right is a quality that not all of us possess.

I love this image and have no suggestions for improvement!   Posted: 08/07/2022 12:52:48

Michael Jack   Michael Jack
Thoughtfulness in preparation and excellent post processing leads to a well-done image. The birds certainly add to the image. Good choice of shutterspeed to capture them sharply. I like the amount of sky you included because that gives the birds room. The camera height was such that the pier did not intersect the water horizon line so again, good placement.

  Posted: 08/07/2022 18:13:53

Bill Peake   Bill Peake
Nice image! I like the birds and the placement of the pier in the image. The sky has great color, but not a lot of detail. You could try selectively increasing the contrast on the sky to bring some more detail out. Just a thought.   Posted: 08/09/2022 22:29:35


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