Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas

Looking back to childhood, I remember always having a camera in my hands. Not knowing what to do with it but loved the novelty of getting the picture at the end of it.

Since an operation some years ago which changed my working life a bit, I took up photography, using a Nikon Bridge, to Nikon DSLR and now a Sony mirrorless.

I gained my L.I.P.F. in 2017 in Ireland and am nearly ready to submit my A Panel.

I was particularly interested in Landscapes and over the years have been trying to learn new skills. I love street photography, I’ve done seascapes but still need a lot to learn there. Photojournalism I love too, where I visited London in 2019 on several occasions to document BREXIT. I have many many images of my time there .

It is only in the past few months that I have been trying composites, however, patience is needed and I Prefer to take the image instead of spending time on a composite. Maybe that will change.

I love photography and I take my images if I feel an emotional connection with the subject at the time.