Nelson Charette  

Water Reflections by Nelson Charette

November 2023 - Water Reflections

November 2023 - Nelson Charette


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This is another image I made at Spring Grove in Cincinnati. I made this with my iPhone 15 Pro Max with a 720nm filter in front of the lens. This is a reflection in the water, and I flipped the image upside down. Processed in Lightroom.

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Lauren Heerschap   Lauren Heerschap
Well, it seems the group has done IR in a phone, which is new to me. What a lovely tree, and it has floating leaves in the sky since you flipped the reflected image on the water. Very creative, and I like the contrasts!   Posted: 11/02/2023 16:44:30

Susan Quinn   Susan Quinn
I have grown accustomed to your work being done in color. I enjoy this one in black and white with gray branches in the foreground. Great tonal value in the image.   Posted: 11/13/2023 18:59:49

Debbie Rubin   Debbie Rubin
I like to switch images with reflections upside down as well. Often, it adds a bit of edginess. I would crop from the right side to limit the busyness of the composition. It would also bring the lovely curve of the branches on the left side-forward and lead one to the opening in the trees on the left.   Posted: 11/19/2023 10:21:09

Stuart Bacon   Stuart Bacon
It is a beautiful tree and the little bit of reflection helps to make the scene interesting. The branches on both sides of the foreground int erupt the overall scene but removing them would be difficult.   Posted: 11/24/2023 08:49:21