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May 2023 - Untitled

May 2023 - Tatu Korhonen


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This photo is taken at the "log quay" (Halkolaituri), Helsinki 3rd of May. The vessel is m/aux Valborg, a restored traditional coastal traffic wooden ship. This time I used a UV pass filter UG1 365nm, which is a visible light cut band pass 'black glass' on my full spetrum converted Sony Nex-5 and Soviet Mir-1B 2.8/37mm lens. The post processing is done in my android pad with the excellent free Snapseed.

Best greeting from Finland.

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Debbie Rubin   Debbie Rubin
Tatu, a great image. The blue/purple light greatly enhances the ship. I like that you included the rope and coils around the posts. The background is there but does not take away from the subject-only gives it credibility. I am assuming that the light source comes from the right side of the front of the ship which you managed very well.   Posted: 05/09/2023 12:40:35

Lauren Heerschap   Lauren Heerschap
Cool! I love the moody purple effect, and what a lovely wooden boat. One thing I learned about getting the entire boat with mast in the frame is to try a panorama that is in portrait perspective. Very nicely done.   Posted: 05/09/2023 12:51:39

Nelson Charette   Nelson Charette
Very nice I like the color tones of the image.Nice ship. Nice processing, I've not tried snapseed for IR images.   Posted: 05/18/2023 11:01:20

Tatu Korhonen   Tatu Korhonen
Thank you for your kind comments, which also had some advice for the future photographing with this filter. I like to have the clouds sharp using small apertures and trying to keep everything sharp in the picture. Sometimes I fail to hide some disturbing elements in the background. Quite often it's not possible from the point of camera though.   Posted: 05/19/2023 02:36:28

Susan Quinn   Susan Quinn
I have used Snapseed on my iPhone images and occasionally with a standard image on my iPad. Never thought to try it with IR. the effect you have achieved is great. I enjoy viewing the image especially with the blue/purple surrounding. Susan   Posted: 05/23/2023 17:11:08

Stuart Bacon   Stuart Bacon
For me there is too much in the scene so I mentally cropped off a lot of the left side so the concentration is on the building and the life preservers as well as the name of the boat. Giving the scene color does set it off nicely.   Posted: 05/26/2023 12:36:38