Stuart Bacon, QPSA  

Oregon Coast by Stuart Bacon, QPSA

November 2021 - Oregon Coast

November 2021 - Stuart Bacon, QPSA


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I just did a trip to photograph along the northern part of the beautiful Oregon Coast and had hoped to return with lots of "normal" images as well as infrared ones. While I was successful with getting "normal" shots I didn't do well getting IR. This is one of the few that I took. It was taken at 1/1250 and f8 with the zoom setting at 58mm. Processing was done in Photoshop where I converted it to b/w and adjusted the sliders to darken the sky then in Curves to adjust the contrast. Finally, I ran it thru Topaz Sharpen AI.

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Debbie Perez   Debbie Perez
I love how the waves are moving in this! There appears to be a mist at he horizon and I suspect it is on some of the sea stacks. For me, the contrast on the two rocks on viewer's left under the horizon line need a touch more contrast. The original looks to my eye to have bit more detail on the rocks and I think it might enhance this a bit. Then I think you go a bit more radical and bring the haze in more and obscure the rocks a bit more to create more of a mood. I never get decent IR shots of the sea but I like this!!   Posted: 11/17/2021 10:23:11

Julie Walker   Julie Walker
I visited this beautiful stretch of coast back in 2015. I think you have chosen an excellent view point. I suspect that the mist Debbie refers to is sea spray. I agree that more detail is needed in the two large sea stacks on the left, maybe dehaze would work. I notice that there is a seagull flying in to the image from the right which I like but it would have more impact if it was slightly higher as it is a little lost in the waves.   Posted: 11/21/2021 12:54:19

Lauren Heerschap   Lauren Heerschap
Wow we are all going to Oregon!! I like the three tiers of waves, however I also think that the texture in the water was oversharpened. That might be adjusted in your use of the Topaz sharpen AI. Did you run their recent update?   Posted: 11/21/2021 15:00:22

Nelson Charette   Nelson Charette
Very nice looking coast shot, Looks like somewhere I would like to visit. I like to panoramic crop you did.
  Posted: 11/24/2021 10:03:06