Mike Cowdrey, MPSA  

Elvaston Shapes by Mike Cowdrey, MPSA

May 2023 - Elvaston Shapes

May 2023 - Mike Cowdrey, MPSA


May 2023 - Mike Cowdrey, MPSA

Original 2

About the Image(s)

I enjoy taking series of shots, and a few days ago I was fascinated with the ancient trees at Elvaston Castle in Derbyshire, UK. I took a great number of detailed images,
two of which are Original 1 & 2. These were cropped to the most interesting parts and resized to square formats, 3300 x 3300. After adjusting lighting, I applied haze removal and colour saturation to increase colour and brightness, and treated them to minimum poster edges and Topaz Photo AI to remove noise. 9 of the resulting images were then cut and pasted onto a white background, and a small black frame was added to produce the final image. I am not sure if this qualifies as creative. I hope so!

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Jan Handman   Jan Handman
Super interesting collage Mike. It was a fun exercise trying to identify the finished squares from the originals you gave us. I could only find three; am I right? :-) I love the color you brought out. Using subtle poster edges is a technique that I use often to exaggerate detail and it works beautifully here. This montage would make a very nice art piece to hang in a room with similar decor colors. Well done!   Posted: 05/04/2023 15:34:03

Steve Estill   Steve Estill
An excellent collection - well seen and well executed.
The treatment has worked well, to produce a fine study of the trees - it's one of those images that holds the interest and draws me back to it to investigate new areas.
You've used different tools to cnage the colours and details, so I'm sure it qualifies as 'creative'.   Posted: 05/09/2023 15:50:03

Gunter Haibach   Gunter Haibach
A very creative set of images - bringing up the contrast and brightness makes this a perfect Altered Reality example - still see lots of the reality, but the colours adds creativeness. The images fit very well with each other. Love the top right image - reminds me of the famous painting The Scream. Well done.   Posted: 05/09/2023 19:44:08

Ian Ledgard   Ian Ledgard
(Group 18)
Super creation Mike. I often take shots of tree details but it never occurred to me to work at them as you have done. Keeping the colour pallet so even over all nine images is a great achievement.   Posted: 05/13/2023 15:10:35

Andrew Hersom   Andrew Hersom
(Group 40)
I think each of nine images is individually great and together is very effective indeed. Well done. I can't think of anything to improve it.   Posted: 05/20/2023 03:49:46

Frans Gunterus   Frans Gunterus
Hi Mike. Your creation is not just beautiful in nature. But it inspired me. I promised to steal your ideas shamelessly and catch up with you for my next month post. See you next month Mike!   Posted: 05/24/2023 09:33:51

Steve Wessing   Steve Wessing
To me the best part of this is indeed the consistent color palate. My only suggestion is, maybe 9 images are not necessary. Each image has a lot of detail. This makes the overall result a bit overwhelming. I see three excellent triptychs.   Posted: 05/24/2023 11:47:25

Mike Cowdrey   Mike Cowdrey
Many thanks for all your comments this month.   Posted: 05/26/2023 13:36:38