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Safe Haven by Jan Handman

January 2022 - Safe Haven

January 2022 - Jan Handman


January 2022 - Jan Handman

Original 2

January 2022 - Jan Handman

Original 3

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It's been raining a lot here and mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere, so this was an attempt to create a fantasy retreat from the weather. I started with Original 1 as the background, but moved the rendered tree to the other side and then applied a Gaussian Blur filter. The grassy foreground was extracted from Original 2. The blue door belongs to a neighbor and I've been wanting to use it in a composite for a long time. I had to remove the security box and the water bottle first using the magic healing and clone tools. The hardware seemed too modern so I replaced the handle and added some rustic hinges. Then it was a matter of adding in the window, chimney/smoke, porch light, umbrella, and boots. I felt like the steps were needed to draw the eye into the scene. The additional mushrooms were just added to reinforce the fungus factor. The birdhouse and bird were added to provide another safe haven, although the bird hasn’t made it inside yet like the occupant of the mushroom has. Then shadows were applied to the various elements, using a new layer for each so I could alter one if needed without having to redo them all. Next into On1 for glow, canvas texture, and rain. At the last minute I decided to add the water dripping off the roof because I was sitting at my computer watching the water dripping off of my patio cover. They were placed at 47% opacity so they blended into the background a bit.

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Steve Estill   Steve Estill
An excellent treatment of the various elements to create yet another masterpiece. The way you've given such depth by using Gaussian bur on the background is really good.
The work you've done on the door is pretty impressive too. The additional elements fit perfectly. The smoke makes it look welcoming and the texture and dripping water makes it soooo wet outside!
I'm a bit of a fanatic with mushrooms - the beauty that can come from a fungal growth never ceases to amaze. They're quite a resource, particularly with a macro lens.   Posted: 01/04/2022 16:55:44

Fran McFadzen   Fran McFadzen
This image has come together very well, Jan. Your management of all of the disparate elements shows skill and ingenuity. Overall composition is lovely, colours harmonise nicely and the textures of the different layers really adds to the scene. I smiled with pleasure when I saw this. Very well done.   Posted: 01/05/2022 19:51:11

Georgianne Giese   Georgianne Giese
Jan, once again you have produced an outstanding image! This fantasy land image has great texture to it. The placement of the images is fantastic for the story. Ditto everything Steve and Fran said. I love it.

You are so very imaginative!   Posted: 01/11/2022 16:49:00


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