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Memories On The Water by Brian Menzies

October 2021 - Memories On The Water

October 2021 - Brian Menzies


October 2021 - Brian Menzies

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Firstly, thanks for all the welcoming messages last month, they were appreciated. We are still in lockdown in Sydney, excepting for exercise and recreation. I captured Spring images on my morning walk. yeah, bring on summer. I have locked some of those captured moments into spheres and cast them onto the sea to be blown around the world. Now it's time for my memories to land on your shores.
I'm still coming to grips with Flood 2 but having lots of fun. I hadn't created a globe before so had to learn. I found this video helpful but did some processors differently to what is suggested, which I learnt in others I watched.
The last globe at the back I filled with too much nitrogen so it didn't sink into the sea.
All shots from my R5, 70-200 F /2.8

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Alan Kaplan   Alan Kaplan
As you head through spring into summer, those of us in the northern hemisphere are moving through fall into winter. Here in the northeast U.S., it's a welcome break from a very hot summer. In a few weeks, we'll be looking for some of your spheres to remind us of the warm days of spring. The water in your image looks stylized and that's a good thing. It's a well chosen contrast to the hard reality of the globes. Your image is easy on the eyes--all of the colors you've chosen work very well. One suggestion: it looks like the glass spheres need to sink a little more into the water. Could be a personal taste. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.   Posted: 10/06/2021 16:08:53

Jan Handman   Jan Handman
Nice image Brian! It looks like a true testament to the power of persistence. I'm greatly impressed by your learning new software. The colors are very nice together and I like the way you positioned the spheres deeper in the water near the front and progressively less so as they got farther from the viewer. The reflections (and shadow on the farthest one) are really well done. One suggestion I might throw out is to make the orbs appear more spherical rather than flat by darkening the edges and lightening the centers. I gave it a try, though since I was working on a single layer, the shadows extended a bit into the water, but you get my "drift." :-) Love your concept and execution of this image!   Posted: 10/10/2021 14:54:48
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Steve Estill   Steve Estill
A superb fun image. It's been well thought out and well executed.
I like the way the globes settle further into the water as they get closer to the viewer, as if they've descended and are slowly sinking as they move forward.
Thanks for the link to the instruction. I've just used glass orbs to capture the globes, which may be a lot quicker but not as much fun as yours - and they always produce inverted images!
Thanks for another entertaining and instructive image.   Posted: 10/11/2021 16:54:42

Candy Childrey   Candy Childrey
Good work with the crystal balls, flood filter, and flowers and bugs. The colors work well together with a good mix of pastels and neutral colors. Nice placement in the water and good choice of wave height. Nice to have you in the group.   Posted: 10/12/2021 14:50:19


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