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All Choked Up by Jan Handman

July 2021 - All Choked Up

July 2021 - Jan Handman


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I saw this artichoke in a neighbor's front yard and was so tempted to help myself to it, since it looked to be at peak readiness for eating. It seemed like a better idea to photograph it rather than steal it, so Original 1 was the result. It was pretty lacking in drama as a photo, so into PS I went to crop in close and greatly reduce the exposure. I think I also increased the contrast. Then into On1 for filters: grain, texture, glow and vignette. Once I was back in PS, I used the Dodge tool to lighten up the highlights even more, hoping that would give it a pop of drama.

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Georgianne Giese   Georgianne Giese
This is really a beautiful image. You did well by that artichoke! I especially love the way you handled the light at the top of the artichoke. The deep bronze color makes this picture into a real work of art.   Posted: 07/02/2021 10:05:41

Alan Kaplan   Alan Kaplan
It looks like you went to a foundry and photographed an iron artichoke--which is appropriate since the artichokes one eats are high in iron. The lighting, shadows, and "spotlight" at the top of the artichoke all reinforce the iron look. You have miraculously turned a real artichoke into a eye catching sculpture.   Posted: 07/03/2021 19:56:59

Gwen Neff   Gwen Neff
Wonderful image! I too love how the light has been handled.   Posted: 07/05/2021 09:14:21

Candy Childrey   Candy Childrey
Jan, you turned a snapshot into a work of art. The light on the artichoke is stunning. The goldish tone of the image, and the darkness of the image give it a wow factor that was not in the original. The textured background helps to hold everything together. So beautiful!   Posted: 07/05/2021 15:04:43

Steve Estill   Steve Estill
This is sooo.... good. You've created a masterpiece. The effects you've used have really transformed it. Well done.
And well done for not stealing it - the right decision!   Posted: 07/09/2021 15:09:11

Fran McFadzen   Fran McFadzen
Brilliant. Love your work.   Posted: 07/10/2021 19:43:17