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A Path Less Travelled by Jan Handman

June 2021 - A Path Less Travelled

June 2021 - Jan Handman


June 2021 - Jan Handman

Original 2

June 2021 - Jan Handman

Original 3

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I'm continuing to have fun with the blur tool, so this month I started with a ho-hum shot from a neighborhood walk; what I liked about it was that it had a tree up close and a long pathway ahead. First, I used Gaussian Blur to make the small unsightly details become unrecognizable. Next, I used Motion Blur on the vertical angle. Lots of experimentation needed here to get the right look. I wanted someone to be walking on the pathway, so I used a photo of my Daughter-In-Law. I selected her with the Quick Selection tool and applied a vertical Motion Blur to her as well. Again, experimentation for the right look. The blur made her head and shoulders square on the top, so I had to apply a mask and round the edges there. I pasted her into the background and changed the image to Black and White. Then it was a matter of experimenting with some PS Filters and I ended up with my favorite Poster Edges to give some definition, especially to the tree (Original 3). Lastly, I used DistressedFX on my ipad to add back in some soft patchy color here and there, a few birds, and a bit of faint text.

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Alan Kaplan   Alan Kaplan
This is in keeping with the distinctive Handman style you used in May '21, Jan '21, Dec '20, and Oct '20. Here, I see the lone image as a grim reaper metaphor on the one hand and the path too indistinct on the other. Also, the ever present Handman tongue-in-cheek touch of humor is missing. Perhaps this is why, for me, this image is not as successful as the others.   Posted: 06/02/2021 17:34:53

Steve Estill   Steve Estill
Who'd have belived that such an ordinary path could produce something as wonderful as this - you should be creating book covers for Stephen King!
I really like the feel of this image and you've used pretty basic tools to create it. The birds and the text are the icing on the cake.
Thanks for the inspiration!   Posted: 06/07/2021 16:08:38
Jan Handman   Jan Handman
Thanks so much Steve. You always make me smile.:-)   Posted: 06/08/2021 17:12:17

Candy Childrey   Candy Childrey
Good job, Jan. I like what you have created with the motion blur. It looks very scary. The trees along the path create a nice frame for the path.   Posted: 06/07/2021 19:05:42

Gwen Neff   Gwen Neff
I love this Jan! It seems to convey how I feel every time I take a different path that most have not traveled. Great job!   Posted: 06/08/2021 11:37:27

Fran McFadzen   Fran McFadzen
OMG! That is so mystical and mysterious. I love your treatment, and thanks for sharing your method. When I grow up, I'd like to be able to do that too.

Love your work.   Posted: 06/19/2021 21:47:09
Jan Handman   Jan Handman
You're too kind Fran. Sincere thanks.   Posted: 06/23/2021 13:49:42


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