Mo Connelly  

Lindsfarne Causeway by Mo Connelly

August 2022 - Lindsfarne Causeway

About the Image(s)

"I’ve made a few changes to my life recently. i’ve fulfilled my dream of a small motorhome and freedom to roam - with my greyhound. The second major change is that i don’t want to be encumbered with a camera and lots of lenses. Even though i’d changed several years ago to a mirrorless i still seemed to collect lenses So they all went and I’ve bought a Sony RX10iv.

Anyway my first outing with both van and new camera was to Northumberland, which i love.

i was just starting to learn the camera when this image was taken. Lindisfarne is an island off the coast of Northumberland which at low tide is passable by vehicles for about eight hours.Each month there is at least one vehicle who left it just a bit too late and got stuck. The structure in the middle of this picture is a safe haven if you’re stuck, tough for the vehicle.

The photo was taken at dusk and the tide was coming in quite quickly. Handheld, aperture priority and tarted up slightly in Lightroom. it’s not a very interesting photograph on its own particularly if you know nothing of the environment, and would probably be better if part of a diptych or triptych showing the causeway at different tidal times. I’m interested in your views on this photograph - I wonder if a lot of what we do with photography, other than fine art, is as much to do with our own memory and of what somewhere means to us rather than what someone else sees in it. This is certainly the case here. Lindisfarne talks to my sense of history and continuity over the centuries and I imagine St. Aidan in the 7th C crossing over this causeway to set up his monastery.

By the way i love the new camera……."


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